About Us


About Us

My name is John Shelbourne. I’ve been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 20 years. My background in personal training has included GP Referrals, which has given me an understanding of a variety of conditions and illnesses.

Among my clients have been professional footballers and elite athletes. I have a wide range of clients ranging from the age of 16 to 91. Also stroke survivors, a teenager who suffered a brain injury following a fatal car crash, as well those recovering from the effects of cancer or the treatment of.


What we do

I appreciate that some patients may feel the gym environment can be intimidating if their health is affected but I have the relevant experience to help motivate people and put them at ease, with experience of working with clients of all ages and patients recovering from illness or injury. In addition, I’m a specialist in cancer rehabilitation which qualifies me to help patients who are undergoing treatment and recovering from cancer.

Even though they have an illness, I can provide an exercise program tailored to their individual needs and ability. No matter what age or mobility, there is a form of exercise available to every-one. A personal trainer is not just for losing weight, it’s about making lifestyle changes for a better quality of life. In the long term it helps improve fitness and build stamina.

Delamere Centre

Starting Over

For the last 7 years, I have been involved with the STARTING OVER project at the Delamere Centre at Halton Hospital. This helps patients re-covering from the treatment of cancer, to begin to lead a normal and positive life following their condition or treatment.

I specialise in Cancer Rehab Exercise programs for those who have Lymphodoema. I teach low intensity exercises for anyone not able or don’t want to attend a fitness facility. I also run low intensity exercise classes at various centre’s within the Runcorn and surrounding areas.



For those that are unable to attend other fitness classes or other activity facilities due to previous hospitalisation or if they’re just unable to leave the house, we provide Rehab@Home services. 

This allows our clients to exercise and partake in rehabilitation classes in the comfort of their own home. 

Please get in touch if our Rehab@Home sessions could be beneficial to you, and we will discuss coming to visit you and arrange a fitness plan.